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Move in / Move outs Spring cleaning Junk removal. Moving Out? Need help packing? We get the job done!
We specialize in leaving your home or business with a unique fresh scent of your choice.
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We Cover All Your Needs

One time/Recurring cleanings, Common area cleaning

Kitchen, Bathrooms, Appliances Detail
Interior Decor

Ceilings & Ceiling Fans, Walls & Windows

Pressure Washing, Inside/Outside Painting

Need a Personal shopper for Decor Furniture for your home?
Leave it up to Cleaning with A Passion, our Interior Decor team will make your home comfy and brand new!
We Specialize in leaving your home or business with a unique fresh scent of your choice.
Call now for our package deals and/or appointment for cleaning estimates.

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At Cleaning with A Passion we thrive for excellence and full satisfaction!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Should I leave the Alarm on ?

We prefer that alarms are kept off for the day of cleaning. If it must be on and the alarm is triggered Cleaning with a Passion is not responsible for any fees associated with the alarm.  


Can i Cancel service a Service Request at anytime ?

Our cancellation policy requires a 2-day notice prior to the scheduled service day or full cleaning fees will be applied. This includes instances where we cannot access your home, or our employee feels their personal safety is at risk due to an aggressive pet or actions by any individuals on the premise. Cleaning with a passion Cleaning Services reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations.

i'm sick at home, can i schedule a cleaning service ?

If someone in your home is sick (contagious) please contact our office and we will be happy to reschedule your cleaning.

what happens if i'm not happy with the service ?

Cleaning with a Passion Cleaning guarantees complete satisfaction.  If, within 24 hours, you are not satisfied Cleaning with a passion Cleaning Services will come back to your home and re-clean said items at no additional charge.

What's not included in the cleaning service?

Cleaning with a Passion staff does not clean animal cages or litter boxes, animal droppings, human feces, urine, vomit, soiled clothing or other similar bio-hazards.

How do you hanlde heavy items and Broken Items?

Cleaning with a passion Services does not use ladders or move items more than 35 pounds to protect us and our employees from injury. If you would like cleaning behind heavy objects, please move prior to cleaning. Cleaning with a passion Services is not responsible for damage incurred by the improper installation of any object. All surfaces are assumed sealed.  If you know of any surface not sealed, you must notify us so that we may clean properly. Every effort is made to be as careful as possible with your items, however, accidents do happen. Notification must be made within 24 hours of breakage/loss of any personal items.  Items which are antique, irreplaceable, hard to find, etc. are not covered by our breakage policy.  Please remove these items the day of your cleaning.